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Dakine travel bags & suitcases

Do you like a sporty design and prefer a handy and flexible holdall on your travels? Then Dakine travel bags are perfect for you. Our luggage is as flexible as your travels are varied. Whether you're heading off on your next surf trip, going skiing at the weekend or planning a long long-distance trip, the type of travel you do determines your luggage. Our selection is large, so you're sure to find the right one for you. A travel bag can be advantageous in the boot of the car or on the train. The two handles make it easy to carry and it can also be easily compressed when space is tight. A suitcase is often more practical for air travel. It has wheels and can be pulled. Additionally protected by luggage straps, the robust Dakine suitcases ensure that your luggage arrives safely on plane journeys. With Dakine you have the choice between a hard case or soft luggage, a travel bag-style luggage with wheels like a suitcase.

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  1. Daybreak Large Travel Kit New

    Daybreak Large Travel Kit

  3. Status Roller 42L + Bag

    Status Roller 42L + Bag
  4. EQ Duffle 50L Bag

    EQ Duffle 50L Bag

  6. EQ Duffle 35L Bag

    EQ Duffle 35L Bag
  7. Groomer Medium Travel Kit

    Groomer Medium Travel Kit
  8. Revival Kit Medium

    Revival Kit Medium
  9. Ranger Duffle 60L

    Ranger Duffle 60L
    €139.95 - €149.95
  10. 365 ROLLER 100L

    365 ROLLER 100L
  11. Split Roller 110L Bag

    Split Roller 110L Bag


Dakine travel bags

Whatever you plan to do on your trip, Dakine travel bags are a sturdy and spacious companion. Dakine travel bags are particularly high quality and durable and offer maximum comfort and style. They have many practical pockets and compartments to store your essentials. For water sports, the wet compartment in your travel bag is an advantage. Here you can store your wet swimming gear and wet towels without getting the rest of your bag wet. Small inner pockets keep your keys or money safe. So you have everything neatly stowed away and always ready at hand. With extra-soft, wide handles, it's comfortable and pleasant to carry both on your shoulders and in your hand. Road tripping and gear hauling is made easy with the EQ DUFFLE 50L BAG. The 50-litre Dakine EQ Duffle Bag makes transporting your equipment convenient and easy. A full-length U-shaped opening makes easy access to its generous main department possible. There is a zip end pocket to keep small items easy to find. The same mixture of duffle bag and trolley suitcase as with the TORQUE WHEELED DUFFLE 125l is also very practical.

Suitcase & trolley

Incredibly light, flexible and durable - these are the demands we make on Dakine suitcases and trolleys. Your travel companion should impress with reliable, durable and robust quality. You can choose your faithful travel companion in different sizes in the Dakine online shop. Suitcases for hand luggage, for weekend trips (weekender) or for long overland journeys. Decide on the size of your suitcase based on the type of the journey and the airline.

How big can a carry-on suitcase be?

On the plane, you are allowed to take a suitcase as hand luggage if it has a maximum size of 55 x 40 x 23cm and a maximum weight of 8 kilogrammes. Your favourite at Dakine for a hand luggage suitcase is the STATUS ROLLER 42L + BAG.

Which Dakine suitcase holds 23 kilogrammes luggage?

On most flights you are allowed to take a suitcase weighing up to 23kg. This corresponds to a medium-sized suitcase, with a height of 65-74cm, such as the Dakine CONCOURSE HARDSIDE MEDIUM. This size is perfect for a one to two-week holiday.

Choose the size and design of your suitcase based on what you need to take, the luggage’s material and function. An absolute all-rounder is the SPLIT ROLLER 85L BAG. The bag divides organisation into a split-level design that gives easy and visible access to multiple large compartments. Its mesh dividers maintain visibility of your stuff. Pack as flexible as you need it and have everything neatly and practically stowed away in your Dakine SPLIT ROLLER 85L BAG. With its manoeuvrable, durable, heavy-duty wheels you can easily roll it along pavements and even dusty roads.

Travel accessories

Travel accessories are essential for a relaxed and comfortable journey. There are a variety of accessories that can help you on your journey. From toiletry bags and cosmetic bags to beach towels and handy luggage straps, travel accessories make travelling easier, more comfortable and safer. Dakine accessories are a valuable addition to your luggage as they are lightweight and versatile. You can choose some of the accessories like the toiletry bags and cosmetic bags in the exact same design as your travel bag, suitcase or backpack. Dakine toiletry bags and cosmetic bags offer space for everything you need on the go. Use them for your toothbrush, shower gel or hairbrush, or as a pocket for your phone, money and cards. They are also practical for mobile phones, cables and other gadgets. Others use them as a bag for wet swimming trunks or bikinis. This way you have your most important utensils and accessories with you wherever you go. Our cosmetic bags are made of high-quality materials and are very durable.

The Dakine PACKING CUBE SETS are also very practical on journeys. They keep your bag or suitcase tidy and are also great for dividing up your backpack. Choose your design for your next trip in our online shop.

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