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Skiwear & snowboard clothing

Skiwear and snowboard clothing for men, women and children that live up to what they promise for long time. This is exactly what you can find here. In the Ski & snowboard section you will find ski pants, ski jackets, ski backpacks, gloves and mittens, snowboard jackets, snow pants, hats, ski masks, ski holdalls, snowboard travel bags, underwear and accessories. Dakine skiwear and snowboard clothing has unique designs and features that ensure flawless functionality. For example, most ski pants and jackets are equipped with the latest technology to provide you with optimal warmth and better freedom of movement.

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  3. Tram Ski Bag

    Tram Ski Bag
  4. Tahoe Mitt - Women's

    Tahoe Mitt - Women's

  6. Crossfire Mitt

    Crossfire Mitt
  7. High Roller Snowboard Bag

    High Roller Snowboard Bag

  9. Omni GORE-TEX Glove - Women's

    Omni GORE-TEX Glove - Women's


  12. Titan GORE-TEX Short Glove

    Titan GORE-TEX Short Glove

Ski jackets

What you should look for when buying your ski jacket seems quite clear at first. It should keep you warm and dry. Of course, it is also important that the jacket fits well to ensure that it is warm and comfortable. Another decisive feature is the waterproofness. A good waterproof value starts at 15,000 mm (millimetres water column). Another important fabric property is breathability, which should also be considered when buying. Dakine ski jackets protect against wind and weather and are also breathable. The jackets keep the heat inside while the moisture can escape to the outside. Thus, they help to keep the right, comfortable temperature while hiking, building a kicker, climbing stairs, during a street session or a tour of the park.

A practical ski pass pocket in the chest area or on the arm, underarm zippers, a media pocket as well as an adjustable hood, ensure that you can enjoy your ski or snowboard day in a relaxed and comfortable way.

Ski pants

The stylish and durable ski pants from Dakine keep the snow exactly where it belongs, outside. Dungarees, tight-fitting or baggy style: Dakine ski pants are not only stylish, but also very robust and durable. They make sure you stay warm and dry even in the toughest conditions. The pants are waterproof, windproof and breathable and have an abrasion-resistant, robust and durable outer layer. They are equipped with all the important features, such as removable suspenders, adjustable waist and leg widths, vents, zippers and other details. So you can be sure that your Dakine ski pants always fit and do not restrict your movement. Choose the right ski pants to match your ski jacket.

Snowboard jackets

Dakine has a wide range of snowboard jackets for men and women. The jackets are available in different styles, colours and sizes and offer the best protection from cold and moisture. In addition, Dakine also offers a range of functional jackets designed specifically for the needs of snowboarders. They offer protection from snow, cold and moisture, have an adjustable hood, sealed seams, completely waterproof zippers, vents, snow shedding panels and more. The adjustable, but soft cuffs nestle comfortably against your skin and provide an optimal wearing comfort. Thanks to the many practical pockets you always have everything you need while snowboarding. Dakine snowboard jackets: the perfect blend between performance and style.
Of course you will also find suitable snowboard pants in our shop.

Snowboard pants

Snowboard pants are almost like ski pants, but only almost. Dakine snowboard pants are made specifically for the needs of snowboarding. They are processed accordingly and offer waterproof zippers, sealed seams and a particularly high freedom of movement, as they are made of flexible materials. Snow shedding panels, pockets and zippers for ventilation are a must of course. Naturally they are also waterproof and windproof, so you can stand carefree on the board even in bad weather and won’t get wet when hiking or building kickers in the snow.

Ski and snowboard gloves

Ski and snowboard gloves and mittens from Dakine for women, men and children are your ideal companions when it comes to riding fresh powder lines and having warm hands at the same time. Dakine gloves and mittens are waterproof, windproof and breathable. They are made from different materials that give you maximum warmth, comfort and flexibility. Moreover, they feature many practical details such as touchscreen compatibility, so that you can send WhatsApp messages with warm fingers.

Extra-long cuffs on gloves and mittens allow for a secure fit at the wrist and also keep wrists warm in colder temperatures. Moreover, extra-long cuffs ensure that no snow gets into your gloves. With an adjustable strap and a one-hand cuff closure, you have two different fits to choose from. You're spoiled for choice, Dakine gloves and mittens are available in a variety of colours and designs, so you can make the right choice for any activity and any weather.

Ski and snowboard backpacks

Dakine ski and snowboard backpacks are designed specifically for skiers and snowboarders to carry all their essential equipment comfortably and safely. Our ski and snowboard backpacks are equipped with many useful features, such as special storage space for avalanche equipment, ski or snowboard holders, adjustable straps, custom snow tool sleeves that keep shovel and probe at the ready, a large fleece-lined goggle pocket and a deployable helmet carrier. This way you can safely stow away the most diverse items.  Some models, such as the Dakine RAS REMOVABLE AIRBAG 3.0 – EUROPE also feature an airbag. The body-hugging, moulded back panel provides a balanced fit for men's and women's ski and snowboard backpacks. Of course, the Dakine ski and snowboard backpacks are completely waterproof. The ski and snowboard backpacks are available in different sizes from 16 litres to 40 litres, shapes and colours, so you can find the perfect backpack for your needs.

Ski travel bags

Ski travel bags are specially designed to allow you to transport your ski equipment comfortably and safely. Dakine ski travel bags are made of particularly robust and durable materials, have a compartment for shoes, several compartments for clothing and equipment and much more. When traveling by air, ski travel bags with 360-degree padding and lashing straps protect your skis. The Fall Line travel bag offers space for two pairs of skis and a set of ski poles and a removeable boot bag. Thus, it is the jack-of-all-trade for any type of ski trip. The tow handle can be connected to a rolling luggage bag for one-handed navigation through an airport or hotel lobby. The zippered external pocket keeps gloves, hats, travel papers and magazines easily accessible.

Snowboard travel bags

If you love your snowboard, you want to protect it optimally. Whether in the car or on air travel. The edges, the base, the binding and the upper material of the snowboard should be optimally protected. To protect your snowboard safely in the car, we recommend the Dakine Tour Snowboard Bag, which comes in different sizes. However, if you want to take your snowboard on a plane trip, then a snowboard travel bag is an indispensable utensil to transport your snowboard safely. A snowboard travel bag is designed to have space for one or more snowboards and several accessories. These bags are available in different sizes, colours and styles. The Dakine Low Roller Hardside Bag offers unrivalled protection and convenience. The laminated-foam-backed-Tarpaulin interior ensures your contents are always safe and sound. A TSA combination lock on the main zipper provides an added level of security at the airport. When it is time to load up the car, the Low Roller can even be fastened to your rooftop crossbars with its clever tie-down pass-through points. Moreover, it offers different compartments and a removable pocket for snowboard boots. Wheels to pull the case easily and padded shoulder straps make travelling even more comfortable.

Ski and snowboard underwear

There's nothing worse than finishing early because you're cold. Ski and snowboard underwear are the key to your perfect ski or snowboard day.

What should one put on under one’s ski or snowboard clothes?

Ski and snowboard underwear. Underwear is specially designed to keep you warm on the slopes in cold temperatures. It should be lightweight, breathable and insulating to create effective insulation between your skin and the cold snow. Ski and snowboard underwear should also dry quickly to avoid an uncomfortable feeling after sweating. Good ski and snowboard underwear is usually made of a mix of merino wool, synthetics and other insulating materials to ensure an optimal balance between warmth, breathability and moisture transport.  The  Lupine Lightweight Bottom moisture-wicking fabric ensures that it dries rapidly and the elastic waistband ensures a perfect fit that’s not too snug and not too loose. Layering is key, so unlock your potential on-hill with the Lupine LW bottoms.


What would be a winter without those hats. Hats also protect us in the wind, rain and cold. We love them because they not only keep our ears warm, but simply look cool. Dakine hats are available for women, men and children with or without pompon, in fine or chunky knit, made of wool, cotton or fleece and in a variety of colours and patterns.  Some caps also have a visor to protect the head from the sun or feature details such as ear flaps or a chin strap.

Hoods and balaclavas

You need hoods and balaclavas when the snow and wind are howling in your ears. Well wrapped, the cold won’t harm you with these accessories. The Dakine balaclava can be worn both  as balaclava and as a face mask. It is made of a thin fleece material, so it fits easily under a helmet or goggles. It can be easily folded back and can thus be worn as a face mask. It keeps you warm, is versatile and the longer fit envelopes the neck and provides extra protection from wind and snow.

Ski and snowboard accessories and tools

Ski straps, wax, tools, edge tuner tools, irons, brushes, screw sets for your snowboard bindings, binding assembly equipment, ski socks, snowboard socks and much more. You can find all this in the Dakine snow accessories and tools section.

There are many different types of accessories for skis and snowboards, but some of the most important are:

Wax: Wax is needed to protect and smooth the surface of the ski or snowboard, making it easier and faster to ride.
Edge tuner tools: This is a set of tools to sharpen the edges of the ski or snowboard for greater control, stability and traction.

However, just because you have an edge tuner set, it doesn’t mean that your equipment doesn’t need to be regularly serviced at a specialist’s.

Binding mountain device: With the Dakine Stance Driver you can mount bindings on skis or snowboards safely and accurately.
Stomp pad: Also called traction pad or deck grip, this is a self-adhesive sticker with a roughened surface. This is very helpful on the snowboard. This sticker is attached close to the binding. It serves to place your foot on it when you do not have it in the snowboard binding, e.g. when riding the lift. The stomp pad gives you extra grip and a better hold. An anti-slip pad on your snowboard, so to speak. Choose your Dakine stomp pad.


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