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Travel bags, surf, ski, snowboard, kite & windsurf

Around the world with your favourite sport.
For all athletes who travel a lot and want to transport their sports equipment safely and comfortably, the Dakine travel bags for sports equipment are the perfect choice. The travel and sports category includes a large selection of different surfboard bags, ski bags, snowboard bags, kite travel bags, board bags for windsurfing and bike bags.

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  1. Club Wagon

    Club Wagon
    €259.95 - €299.95
  2. Freestyle Snowboard Bag

    Freestyle Snowboard Bag
  3. Boundary Ski Roller Bag

    Boundary Ski Roller Bag

  5. Boot Pack 50L

    Boot Pack 50L
  6. Daylight Surfboard Bag - Thruster

    Daylight Surfboard Bag - Thruster
    €52.46 - €114.95

    €169.95 - €189.95
  8. Tour Snowboard Bag

    Tour Snowboard Bag
  9. Kite Compression Bag

    Kite Compression Bag

    €369.95 - €429.95
  11. Pickup Pad™

    Pickup Pad™
    €125.96 - €179.95
  12. Padded Ski Sleeve

    Padded Ski Sleeve

Once around the world with Dakine bags for ski, snowboard, surfboard, bike, windsurf or kite. A common problem when taking sports equipment with you, especially on air travel, is that it is often bulky and unwieldy. The Dakine travel bags for sports equipment offer an optimal solution here. Thanks to their intelligent design and the various compartments and pockets, all sports utensils can be stored safely and in an orderly fashion. So everything stays in its place and is quickly at hand.
Dakine travel bags are versatile. You can choose between a rucksack, holdall or trolley, depending on what you want to transport or whether you have booked a flight or are planning to embark on a weekend trip with your car.  The Dakine LOW ROLLER SNOWBOARD HARDSIDE snowboard bag for example can be fastened to your rooftop crossbars or used as a travel bag on air travel. Thanks to its sporty design and the many colours and patterns, Dakine travel bags are also a real eye-catcher.

Ski bag

We recommend a ski bag to transport your skis optimally by bus, car, train or plane. So gehört umständliches Packen und Tragen, Chaos im Auto, Bus oder Zug der Vergangenheit an. Cumbersome packing and carrying, chaos in the car, bus or train are all a thing of the past this way, and such a ski bag will also prevent that your skis’ bases are scratched or damaged.
Your skis are also perfectly stored in a ski bag or sleeve in your basement or garage during the summer break. Please make sure that you store them dry so that they do not rust.
All our ski bags are made of robust material and offer enough space for one or more pairs of skis, ski boots and other accessories. Thanks to the padded straps and handles, you can comfortably carry and transport your equipment.
Special features of the Dakine ski bags for air travel are: extra straps inside the bag to secure the skis, extra padding all around to protect from impact and shock; additional inner pocket for snowboard boots and accessories and wheels for easy pulling of the ski travel bag.

Snowboard bag

If you’re a passionate snowboarder, you know how important it is to keep your board safe and well protected on your travels.  Our snowboard bags are designed to keep your board safe and protected wherever you travel. Dakine snowboard bags are ideal for car, train, bus or plane transport. We offer you a wide range of high-quality travel bags that are specifically designed for transporting snowboards. Our snowboard bags are not only robust and durable, but also functional and practical. They have padded interior compartments that protect your board from damage, as well as additional pockets for accessories and clothing. Need room for 2 snowboards? No problem. The Dakine HIGH ROLLER SNOWBOARD BAG offers place for even two snowboards and additional accessories.
The Dakine snowboard bags are available in different sizes and designs so that you are sure to find the snowboard bag perfect for you.

Surfboard bag

Dakine surfboard bags are the perfect choice for all surfers, who want to transport their boards safely and comfortably. Whether you want to head to your next spot by bike, car or plane – with these bags your board is perfectly protected and can be transported conveniently.
In the surfboard bag section of the Dakine online shop you will find a large selection of different models geared to the needs of surfers. Everything is available, from simple surf bags to padded bags with rollers.  Most models have carrying handles and/or shoulder straps so that the board can be transported comfortably. With roller bags, the board can even be pulled like a suitcase.
Convince yourself of the quality and functionality of the Dakine surfboard bags and order today in the Dakine online shop!

Bike bag

Perfectly equipped for every cycling tour – with the Dakine bike bags.
If you like cycling, you know how important it is to have the right gear. Not only proper clothing is important, but also the way you transport your stuff. The Dakine bike bags offer a good solution. In this category, cycling enthusiasts will find all they need for a successful tour.
Dakine bike bags have been specifically designed for transport on bicycles. They are durable, water-repellent and offer plenty of storage space for all you need for cycling. Whether you are planning a one-day trip or a longer tour – with the Dakine bike bags you are well equipped. The bike backpacks sit perfectly on the back so that they won’t bother you during your ride. With lashing straps, you can adjust the size to your back. Padded straps make carrying them very comfortable.
Dakine bike bags are available in different sizes and models. The Dakine DESCENT BIKE DUFFLE 70L BAG offers plenty of space for all who tour with their bike often and appreciate practical and clever organisation. The bag has a large opening and lots of organised storage space thanks to inside pockets. The special bag for separate storage of your bike shoes is a real highlight. With the extra mat your feet will stay clean and dry when putting on or off your shoes.
You don’t want to wear a backpack on one-day tours? Then we have got the Dakine belly bags which can be conveniently worn around your hips.

Do you want to transport your bike on the loading area of your pick-up? To protect your car and bike from scratches, dents and other damage, there are the Dakine pick-up pads.

Kite travel bags & windsurf board bags

Packing your stuff for kite or wind surfing can resemble a battle of the materials. With your Dakine kite and windsurf bags you not only have everything in one bag but even clearly arranged and protected. So you are perfectly equipped for your next surfing trip.
Whether you are heading for a weekend trip to a lake or a longer surf trip to the sea, your bags will offer perfect protection for your equipment.
At Dakine you will find a large selection of different models and sizes. From compact board bags for your kiteboard, such as the EQ KITE DUFFEL to the spacious wheeled CLUB WAGON  for stowing away all your windsurf equipment. The kite and windsurf bags are made from durable material and offer inside padding to protect your equipment properly. In addition, the bags feature practical carrying handles and wheels to make hauling your stuff as comfortable as possible.
In addition to their functionality, Dakine windsurf and kite travel bags also impress with their appealing design. Whether in classic black or in bright colours and eye-catching prints, everyone will find their personal style here.
A special highlight is the Dakine KITE COMPRESSOR BAG. This bag replaces your heavy kite bag and you can save weight and space on your travels.

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