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Suitcases & luggage – your practical travel companions

If you’re looking for a travel bag to keep all your belongings organised and safe, check our Dakine travel bags. We’ve got it all – from weekender bags to carry-on luggage that fit in the overhead compartments of planes. Our travel bags have special pockets and compartments or are specially padded to keep your skis or surfboard safe when travelling. Or are you looking for a hip bag to store things like your passport and boarding pass?
At Dakine we have the full range of travel bags, duffle bags and roller bags for organised travel. Hunt for powder snow together with the equipment, enjoy your annual holidays, embark on a road trip with friends or have a weekend break with the popular Split Roller 110l. You’re sure to find the ideal travel bag or suitcase in our wide selection of luggage.

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The full range of our travel bags, luggage and wheeled bags for organized travels. From the duffle bag to the famous Split Roller 110L, there is always a match for a trip.


Whether you’re a rider travelling with ski gear to chase powder, organizing your annual vacation or simply going on a road trip with friends, our selection of travel bags and luggage encloses a wide choice of products to answer the needs of everyone.

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  1. Tram Ski Bag

    Tram Ski Bag
  2. High Roller Snowboard Bag

    High Roller Snowboard Bag
  3. 365 ROLLER 75L New

    365 ROLLER 75L
  4. Status Roller 42L + Bag

    Status Roller 42L + Bag
  5. Pickup Pad DLX™

    Pickup Pad DLX™
    €146.96 - €209.95

  7. EQ Duffle 50L Bag

    EQ Duffle 50L Bag
  8. Mission Surfboard Bag - Noserider

    Mission Surfboard Bag - Noserider
    €219.95 - €289.95
  9. Cyclone II Dry Pack 36L

    Cyclone II Dry Pack 36L
    €189.95 - €219.95
  10. Low Roller Snowboard Bag

    Low Roller Snowboard Bag
  11. Split Roller 110L Bag

    Split Roller 110L Bag


Luggage - your ideal companion for holidays and sports

You usually choose your luggage for several years. It is your constant companion for sports and travel. The choice is huge! You decide on the size. What do you need your luggage for and what must go in it?

Dakine luggage is particularly hard-wearing, dirt- and water-repellent. The luggage also features practical carrying straps so that many travel bags can also be carried on the back.
Practical not only for travelling but also for sports, the bags by Dakine offer enough space and inside pockets for sports clothes or a change of clothes, towel, water bottle and much more.

Suitcases & roller bags for comfortable travelling

Travel bag and suitcase in one? Yes, that's possible. Many of our large travel bags have practical wheels, making travelling even more comfortable. Or are you looking for a classic suitcase? We also have that in our range. If you don't want something quite so classic, we offer suitcases with stylish floral prints or in trendy colours. You don't have much time because your trip is starting soon? No problem, many of our suitcases and roller bags are in stock and will be with you shortly.

What should you consider when buying luggage?

Depending on where you're going, how long you're travelling and what you want to stow away, your suitcase has to meet different requirements. For a short city trip, visiting friends or family, our small Dakine suitcases are sufficient. They offer enough space for short trips and are also suitable as hand luggage for the plane. For longer trips, you need a larger suitcase. Be sure to check the weight limit allowed by the airline. Our suitcases don’t weigh much on their own so that you can take a lot with you. The manoeuvrable wheels of our suitcases and bags make it easy to roll even on bumpy, stony or snow-covered roads. Handles and telescopic poles are particularly hard-wearing, individually adjustable to your size and enable functional, comfortable travelling.


We know that luggage isn’t always treated carefully at airports. That’s why we have equipped all our luggage with robust zips, use hard-wearing materials and bags for sensitive items such as skis or surfboards feature extra padding.  In addition, we recommend securing your suitcase or travel bag with an extra lock for safety when travelling.

Travel bags and holdalls

Travel bags are among our most popular products. Well-designed, they offer various interior compartments and practical pockets for stowing keys, money, laptop, dirty laundry and much more. We offer travel bags with a volume from 25 to 90 litres.

Our popular RANGER TRAVEL 45L BACKPACK skilfully combines travel bag and backpack. This practical companion also has the exact dimensions to be allowed as hand luggage. Hand-free travelling thanks to carrying straps, plenty of storage space and well-designed interior pockets. A great companion for short trips, sports or weekend excursions.

Travel accessories

Probably the most important accessory when travelling is the luggage strap. Dakine luggage straps have a secure, durable fastener, are particularly strong and tear-resistant and have a stylish design.
Should your luggage burst when it is loaded, the straps will prevent your luggage contents falling out. Protect your luggage with the stylish Dakine luggage straps!
You will find more sporty travel companions in Dakine accessories, from toilet bags and water bottles to towels and much more. Dakine travel accessories are also great gifts.


In the category “Sports & Travel” you find holdalls and backpacks that have been specifically designed for the requirements on travels with your ski equipment, with your snowboard, your surfboard, bike and windsurf & kite equipment.
All travel bags offer extra 360-degree padding, additional interior pockets and options to attach a security lock.

Ski travel bags  

What should you consider when buying a ski travel bag? First ask yourself, how many pairs of skis you need to pack? One pair or several pairs? Do you need a sleeve for transport in your car or are you travelling by plane?
Depending on your needs, Dakine offers different ski travel bag models that hold one or two pair of skis. You can also easily store poles in them. Extra paddings all around provides optimal protection against scratches, dents and breakage.

Snowboard travel bags

We also offer different models of snowboard travel bags that meet different needs. The top model by Dakine is the LOW ROLLER SNOWBOARD HARDSIDE, a hard-shell suitcase for your snowboard featuring rolls and a telescopic handle. Made from 100% recyclable ABS + PC shell. It can even be attached to the car roof.

Surfboard travel bags

Have you booked your dream surf holidays? Perfect. Then you now just need to know that your surfboards will arrive safely too. Dakine has its roots in the sport of surfing and we have known for more than 40 years how to transport your board from A to B. Our favourite: the TOUR REGULATOR SURFBOARD BAG

You can transport up to 8 surfboards safely and comfortably. 2cm-thick padding offers perfect protection. The top and bottom are lined with 1cm-thick foam and the side walls are lined with 2cm-thick foam. With the lashing straps inside and outside you can secure your boards and minimise friction.

Bike travel bags

You want to travel with your bike? We have the bag for it. Padded bike travel bags for air travel, transport protection on the luggage rack of your car, an organiser bag to pack all your things for your day trip or a belt bag to be free of ties - we have the right bike travel bag for you.

Windsurf & kite travel bags

If you are heading for a windsurf or kitesurf destination, you will want to make sure your equipment is safe and well protected. You need a bag that can hold your sail, board, harness and kites so they don't get damaged by the elements. That's why Dakine has developed the best travel bags for windsurfers and kiters.

Dakine makes two types of travel bags: one for kitesurfers and one for windsurfers. Both are made of high-quality materials such as ballistic nylon, which does not tear easily and withstands the rigours of being dragged over sand or grass. The zips are also hard-wearing and made in a way not to get caught in clothing or other objects when worn.

The inner lining is soft so that your equipment is not scratched during transport, but also breathable so that your equipment does not heat up too much during transport.

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