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Dakine lifestyle -backpacks

A backpack is your constant companion. It has to be practical, durable and made for your needs. If you're looking for such a backpack, then Dakine rucksacks are the right choice for you. We are well known for our durable backpacks and other travel bags and offer a wide range of backpacks in different styles and colours.
If you're looking for a backpack that will keep your belongings safe and organised while travelling, practising sports, at school or during your free time, Dakine is the brand for you!

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Our overall technical backpack range for wintersports, surf, bike and day to day life. Our lifestyle backpacks are durable and are the perfect answer to every day needs while our ski and snowpacks, bike and surf backpacks are solid and designed to follow you in every outdoor session.

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  1. Heli Pack 12L Backpack - Women's

    Heli Pack 12L Backpack - Women's
  2. 365 Pack DLX 27L Backpack

    365 Pack DLX 27L Backpack
    €69.96 - €99.95

  4. 365 PACK 28L New

    365 PACK 28L

  6. Mission 25L Backpack

    Mission 25L Backpack
    Special Price €69.96 Action

  8. Seeker 6L Bike Hydration Backpack

    Seeker 6L Bike Hydration Backpack
  9. Seeker 10L Bike Hydration Backpack

    Seeker 10L Bike Hydration Backpack
  10. Cinch Pack 16L

    Cinch Pack 16L
    €27.96 - €36.95



Which backpack is best for me?

One is spoilt for choice. With the large selection in the Dakine backpacks category, it can be difficult to find the right backpack. It is important that it fits your personal needs perfectly. If you’re an all-rounder and you like your backpack to be versatile, then a Dakine Verge Backpack 25 litres is perfect for you. This backpack is small and light, but at the same time offers plenty of storage space for your daily needs. The bigger  Dakine Verge Backpack 32 litres might be a good alternative, since it is perfect for a day trip or hiking. This backpack is ideal for outdoor adventures with its robust construction and numerous pockets. Ultimately, it depends on what activities you are planning and what storage space you need.
In the Dakine backpacks section we have already given subcategories to make it easier for you to find the perfect backpack for you.

Lifestyle backpacks

Dakine lifestyle backpacks are always trendy! They are available in numerous sizes, colours and styles – just your style. Dakine backpacks are perfect for school, sports, travel and outdoor activities. Dakine is certainly the best choice, because the backpacks are made of robust materials and are guaranteed to last. This is also promised by the Dakine backpack guarantee. Special backpack gadgets guarantee: adjustable shoulder straps, padded ergonomic back panel, integrated laptop and organisation compartments, external compression straps and a range of compartments for everything you need on the go. Dakine backpacks are so light and comfortable, you'll want to take them everywhere.

How do I find the right backpack?

That is a very good question. Because not all backpacks are the same. There are many different types of backpacks that can be suitable for different purposes. So, before you choose a backpack, you should consider a few things, such as:

  • What purpose should the backpack serve?

  • For which type of sport should the backpack be suitable?

  • How much room do I need?

  • What weight do I want to carry?

  • Which design do I like?

It is important to be guided by the size and weight of the backpack. A backpack that is too heavy or too big can be uncomfortable to carry. Therefore, avoid buying a backpack that is too heavy or too big. Dakine's backpacks are all made from high-quality materials and innovative technology, which means they last longer than most other backpacks on the market.

Ski- and snowboard backpacks

You already know that you need your backpack for skiing or snowboarding? Perfect! Because in the ski and snowboard backpacks category, you'll find backpacks that are specially designed to transport your equipment comfortably and safely on the mountain. They are equipped with a range of useful features such as a fully waterproof material, adjustable straps, a ski holder, custom snow tool sleeves that keep shovel and probe at the ready, a large fleece lined goggle pocket and a helmet carrier stow away essentials for when you are out and about. Choose a backpack that is large and sturdy enough to hold all your necessary equipment without being too heavy. Make sure the backpack fits snugly on your back and that it is comfortable to wear.

Which backpack size is the right one?

When you are looking for a new backpack, it is important to choose the right size. A backpack that is too big can be hard to carry, making your outdoor adventure more of a pain than fun. A backpack that is too small will expose your belongings to wind and weather and may not have enough room for all your gear.
So you need a backpack that's big enough to hold everything you need without being so big that it feels like you're carrying a suitcase around. The best way to find out what size backpack is right for you is to choose the type of sport plus how much equipment you need to take with you (day trip, multi-day trip): Lay out all the equipment you need on the floor and see what you need to take with you. Now you know approximately how many litres your backpack must have.

Bike backpacks with hydration system

Bike backpacks with hydration systems are specially designed for bikers and offer an excellent way to quench your thirst even on longer tours. Dakine backpacks with a hydration system are equipped to make them easy to use. The hydration system consists of a hydration reservoir built into the backpack and a tube connected to the reservoir. The hose is designed to be pulled over the shoulder or chest strap for convenient and quick hydration while riding. Bike backpacks with hydration system by Dakine also have several compartments in which you can comfortably store your equipment.

Surf backpacks

Water, sand and remote destinations. All part of the surfer lifestyle and that's exactly what Dakine surf backpacks are designed for.
Welded construction and waterproof zips keep your gear dry or can be used to insulate wet clothing. An integrated board carry system keeps your hands free and external pockets provide organisation and quick access. And for carrying comfort, the shoulder straps are padded and can be individually adjusted. Practical fleece-lined inner pocket for sunglasses and mobile phone or another compartment for your wax and fins. Simply everything has been thought of. With the Dakine surf backpacks, surfers can transport their equipment safely and stylishly.

Kids backpacks

Dakine backpacks for children have to meet a number of requirements. First and foremost, they have to look cool for the girls and boys, but for parents, other criteria are also decisive.

What is a good backpack for school? And what should you look out for when buying one?

A good backpack for school or university must be adjustable to the size of the kids. Shoulder straps must be wide enough and padded so that you or your children can carry the backpack comfortably and without damaging their back. Always make sure that the shoulder straps are adjusted symmetrically, that the backpack is not hanging but worn close to the back and that heavy objects in the backpack are close to the back rather than far in front. Always wear the backpack on your back and always on both shoulders.

Dakine backpacks for school

Dakine backpacks for boys and girls for school and university have a padded inner pocket for a laptop and other spacious inner and outer compartments for folders and notebooks. The back and shoulders are relieved by a chest strap and the weight of heavy books for example, is distributed more evenly. The empty weight of the backpacks is very light, so you can take more with you. Ergonomic mesh fabric on the back ensures optimal wearing comfort, better ventilation and less sweating. This makes Dakine backpacks the perfect companion for your way to school or university.
Backpacks for school must bear a lot. All Dakine backpacks are made of robust, durable materials and therefore have a long life. And if you have to walk through rain or snow, no problem, Dakine school backpacks are water-repellent and easy to clean.

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