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Rack Accessories - D.100.5419.001.OS
Tie Down Strap 20'
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Dakine Tie Down Strap 20'
For transportation of your outdoor essentials, the Dakine 20' Tie Down Straps offer impeccable protection when securing your gear to vehicle roof rack or truck bed. The heavy-duty strap with 1" cam buckle creates a worry-free transport of your boards, bags, or camp equipment by cinching tight to secure your gear to your vehicle. These straps are sold as a single unit, include their own individual carrying bag for ease of packing or storage when not in use, and integrate perfectly with Dakine Surfboard Travel Bags.
Heavy duty 1 [ 25mm ] cam buckle
20' [ 6.10m ] Single strap
  • Heavy duty 1 [ 25mm ] cam buckle
  • Integrates with Dakine surf travel boardbags
  • Carrying bag
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