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Dakine Sports & Accessories

Find our top backpacks and bags and further accessories for your outdoor sport: skiing and snowboarding, biking, surfing, wind surfing, kite surfing, wing surfing and fishing. Our practical backpacks and bags meet your special requirements and ensure that your gear is protected while you enjoy comfort and convenience. This way you are best supported during your sport.

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Find our top backpacks for outdoor sports: bike, ski or snowboard, surf and wind. Our technical backpacks will fulfill the specific requirements of riders and ensure the protection of gear, comfort and convenience to provide the best assistance to riders during their sessions.

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  1. Fall Line Ski Roller Bag

    Fall Line Ski Roller Bag
    CHF 179.00 - CHF 189.00
  2. Aura Bike Glove - Women's

    Aura Bike Glove - Women's
    CHF 49.00 - CHF 49.90

    Special Price CHF 160.30 Action
  4. Tundra GORE-TEX Mitt - Women's

    Tundra GORE-TEX Mitt - Women's
    CHF 149.00
  5. Pickup Pad DLX™

    Pickup Pad DLX™
    CHF 189.00

    CHF 149.00
  7. Excursion GORE-TEX Mitt

    Excursion GORE-TEX Mitt
    CHF 149.00
  8. Heli Pro 24L Backpack - Women's

    Heli Pro 24L Backpack - Women's
    CHF 97.30 - CHF 169.00
  9. Fillmore Mitt

    Fillmore Mitt
    CHF 69.90
  10. Rambler Liner Glove

    Rambler Liner Glove
    CHF 25.00

    CHF 59.00
  12. Axel Beanie

    Axel Beanie
    CHF 29.90


We are your sports brand that focuses on manufacturing and selling high quality products. We are proud to be a reliable partner for some of the trendiest and most exciting sports such as surfing and snowboarding. We work with professional athletes to get the latest information about your favourite activities so we can offer you the best possible products.

Ski & snowboard

In the Ski & Snowboard category you will find gloves, hats and beanies, baselayers, jackets and pants as well as ski travel bags and snowboard travel bags. A ski or snowboard bag is highly recommended to transport your equipment safely to the ski resort. The ski and snowboard bag keeps your skis’ edges and bases perfectly protected. The Dakine ski and snowboard bags come in different lengths. Different sizes allow you to easily carry two pairs of skis and a pair of ski poles or several snowboards. The special 360-degree padding makes Dakine ski and snowboard bags ideal for travelling with your skis or snowboard. Specially padded straps and wheels make transport even more comfortable.


If you want to go biking, you need the necessary accessories. We offer you stylish bike equipment. Backpacks with hydration systems, bike gloves, protectors, bike socks, bike clothing, pick-up pads and bike travel bags are available in our online shop. High quality and excellent workmanship of all Dakine bike products guarantee long-lasting biking pleasure.


Surfing is your passion? Ours too. We know pretty much everything about surfing and what equipment you need when surfing.  For years we have been tinkering to produce the best surf gear and today we are still working to make our surf products even better.
What can you find here?
Surf leashes, surf pads, surfboard travel bags, surf backpacks, surf hats, rack accessories, boardshorts/surf shorts, lycras & surfwear, surf shoes and wetsuits.
Do you want to take your surfboard on holiday? Sure. Our protective surfboard travel bags offer space for up to three boards. Thanks to the 1cm-thick foam padding, your boards are protected, and the almost 2cm-thick foam side panels withstand inevitable blows even on longer journeys.

Wind, wings & kites

In the Dakine Wind, wings and kites section you will find your equipment for windsurfing, wingsurfing and kitesurfing. Three absolutely cool water sports where you stand on a surfboard and use a sail to move around. Speed and freedom combined with spectacular manoeuvres and tricks create an incredible feeling.
Under Wind, wings & kites you will find equipment such as kiteboard harnesses, windsurf harnesses, kiteboard accessories, windsurf accessories, windsurf and kite travel bags, wetsuits, wings accessories, wing harnesses, wings, foils and boards.


Fishing is your passion? We have the fishing equipment for you.
There are many things you need for fishing. We have practical fishing equipment for you. Find fishing accessories such as bags and backpacks with practical loops and inner pockets to store all your accessories properly and neatly. You can also find other fishing accessories and practical headware in our online shop.

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