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Our overall technical backpack range for wintersports, surf, bike and day to day life. Our lifestyle backpacks are durable and are the perfect answer to every day needs while our ski and snowpacks, bike and surf backpacks are solid and designed to follow you in every outdoor session.

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  1. Concourse 30L Backpack

    Concourse 30L Backpack
    CHF 149.00
  2. Heli Pro 24L Backpack - Women's

    Heli Pro 24L Backpack - Women's
    CHF 139.00 - CHF 159.00
  3. 365 Pack DLX 27L Backpack

    365 Pack DLX 27L Backpack
    CHF 43.45 - CHF 79.90
  4. Infinity Pack 21L Backpack

    Infinity Pack 21L Backpack
    CHF 129.00 - CHF 139.00
  5. Essentials 26L Backpack

    Essentials 26L Backpack
    CHF 48.95 - CHF 89.90
  6. 365 Pack 30L Backpack

    365 Pack 30L Backpack
    CHF 69.90
  7. Trail Pack Cover
  8. Infinity Toploader 27L Backpack

    Infinity Toploader 27L Backpack
    CHF 65.45 - CHF 99.90
  9. Concourse Pack 20L Backpack

    Concourse Pack 20L Backpack
    CHF 119.00
  10. Wndr 25L Backpack

    Wndr 25L Backpack
    CHF 89.90
  11. Mission Pro 25L Backpack

    Mission Pro 25L Backpack
    CHF 159.00 - CHF 169.00
  12. Heli Pack 12L Backpack

    Heli Pack 12L Backpack
    CHF 109.00

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