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Diners Club

If you want to order from Canada, please visit our Canadian website: http://ca.dakine.com/

If you want to order from USA, please visit our global website: http://www.dakine.com/

We do not produce a printed paper catalog for consumers. You can view all the current Dakine products on this site.

To find an authorized Dakine retailer in your area you can search using our Store Locator.

Please email euinfo@dakine.com to find out who your local Dakine Rep is.


You can refer to our warranty policy here or submit a claim. Until we can see what is happening and evaluate your product physically or via pictures, we cannot say for sure if your item falls under warranty.

Depending on how old the luggage is, we can send out replacement wheels. Please email us at euinfo@dakine.com and include pictures of: The front AND back of the luggage The damaged wheel The white tag with the style numbe

This is not considered a manufacturing defect, therefore, is not covered under warranty. However, please submit a claim with pictures or give us a call as we do have some parts available for sale to enable you to repair your own bag.

In most cases, we can replace the handle bar or send it to you. Regarding the sticky handle, we recommend trying to lubricate it with a silicone-based product. For a broken handle, please fill out a warranty claim and we will address as needed.

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