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Dakine fashion for kids

In the Dakine Kids section you will find high-quality children’s clothing with cool prints. Gloves, caps, hats and wetsuits. Our products have been specifically designed for the needs and comfort of young adventurers.

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  1. Prodigy Short Sleeve Bike Jersey - Kids'

    Prodigy Short Sleeve Bike Jersey - Kids'
    Special Price CHF 21.00 Action
  2. Tracker Glove - Kids'

    Tracker Glove - Kids'
    CHF 34.95 - CHF 49.90
  3. Scrambler Mitt - Kids'

    Scrambler Mitt - Kids'
    CHF 27.95 - CHF 39.90
  4. Rover GORE-TEX Mitt - Kids'

    Rover GORE-TEX Mitt - Kids'
    CHF 89.90
  5. Brat Mitt - Kids'

    Brat Mitt - Kids'
    CHF 24.45 - CHF 34.90
  6. Yukon Mitt - Kids'

    Yukon Mitt - Kids'
    CHF 27.95 - CHF 39.90
  7. Yukon Glove - Kids'

    Yukon Glove - Kids'
    CHF 27.95 - CHF 39.90
  8. Youth Storm Liner Glove - Kids'

    Youth Storm Liner Glove - Kids'
    CHF 22.00
  9. Tracker Mitt - Kids'

    Tracker Mitt - Kids'
    CHF 34.95 - CHF 49.90
  10. Hornet Mitt - Kids'

    Hornet Mitt - Kids'
    CHF 20.95 - CHF 29.90

    CHF 49.90

    CHF 24.45 - CHF 34.90

Dakine kids fashion combines functionality and style and is still extra durable to withstand all outdoor activities. In the Dakine Kids category you will find children's clothing for skiing or snowboarding, biking and surfing.

Gloves and mittens

Dakine offers kids gloves and mittens for little shredders. We know that children tend to have their hands in the snow much more than we adults, so children's fingers need extra protection from the cold and wet. Our children’s gloves and mittens for skiing and snowboarding offer some extras specifically tailored to the needs of young skiers and snowboarders. The gloves and mittens for children are extra-durable and waterproof. The additional thermal insulation keeps children’s hands warm and protects against frostbite. The gloves and mittens are absolutely windproof even in the event of heavy winds.

In addition, the kids’ gloves have a good grip so that the poles lie well in the hand and the kids can grab the T-bars easily and safely. Additional shock absorption and padding on the palms and fingers provides even more protection against injuries and impacts. With Dakine gloves, tomorrow's shredders can enjoy their day in the snow without getting cold hands.

Bike gloves

Bike gloves for kids feature a non-slip inner surface, breathable and moisture-wicking mesh and a padded inner surface thus ensuring a perfect grip on the handlebars. The outer material is durable and protects against scratches and light shocks. A four-way stretch construction and the wide opening of the bike gloves for kids allows children to get them on and off easily. Pumptrack, dirt jumps or technical trails – the kids’ hands are perfectly protected with Dakine bike gloves.

Dakine caps for kids

Dakine baseball caps for kids are not only a cool, fashionable highlight, they also protect during outdoor activities of the little adventurers. The caps feature the usual wide shield and thus protect the face from UV radiation, rain and sweat. The cappies are perfect both for everyday life and on vacation, on the beach, at the playground or during sports activities. The cap can be easily adjusted to the head size so that it sits perfectly on the head. Dakine caps are available in different designs and colours so that girls and boys will find their baseball cap.

Dakine hats for children

Most heat gets lost via the head. Therefore, especially children’s heads should be well protected from the cold. Dakine hats are comfortably warm and protect from the cold and wind also during longer outdoor activities. The hats made of wool or recycle polyester are comfortable to wear and provide a soft feeling on the skin. Optimally warm, stylish and available in many colours, you will find the perfect hat for your kids in the Dakine online shop.

Neoprene suits

Dakine offers neoprene suits for kids for your offspring. During surfing, diving or other water sports – our neoprene suits offer warmth, flexibility and protection so that your stay in the water can be longer and is pleasant. Especially Kids tend to freeze quickly and the excellent warmth insulation of the Dakine wetsuits with their the FLX-THERMO inside and outside lining counteract.

The incredible fit and water-repellent material of the neoprene suit prevents cold water from entering and ensures that the body temperature cannot drastically cool down. At the same time, the material is stretchable at the arms, shoulders and back, so that flexible and effortless paddling is possible.

Dive into your adventures and discover the world of Dakine kids’ fashion and accessories today. Whether your kids love to play outdoors, are sporty or just want to look cool – we offer the perfect fashion for children.

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