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Lifestyle Backpacks

Lifestyle Backpacks

Dakine backpack for your daily life

Your Dakine backpack for everyday life. With the Dakine lifestyle backpacks you always have what you need - safely and neatly stowed. Whether you need to take board shorts, a cap, a laptop or sports stuff, we have perfected our backpacks so that they can accompany you every day. Comfortable, lightweight and spacious our lifestyle bags have been created to bring you the perfect amount of style and edge with a side of easily-accessible and strategically placed compartments and pouches. Wear a backpack that will always be with you everywhere, no matter what.

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  1. Campus M 25L Backpack

    Campus M 25L Backpack
    CHF 74.90 - CHF 79.90
  2. Concourse Pack 31L Backpack

    Concourse Pack 31L Backpack
    CHF 159.00

    CHF 199.00
  4. Infinity Toploader 27L Backpack

    Infinity Toploader 27L Backpack
    CHF 59.95
  5. COSMO 6.5L

    COSMO 6.5L
    CHF 39.90 - CHF 49.90
  6. Cinch Pack 16L

    Cinch Pack 16L
    CHF 34.90 - CHF 36.90
  7. Concourse Messenger 20L Bag

    Concourse Messenger 20L Bag
    CHF 103.95
  8. Essentials Mini 7L Backpack

    Essentials Mini 7L Backpack
    CHF 49.90
  9. Campus Premium 28L Backpack

    Campus Premium 28L Backpack
    CHF 109.00 - CHF 115.00

    CHF 48.95 - CHF 69.90
  11. Campus L 33L Backpack

    Campus L 33L Backpack
    CHF 84.90 - CHF 89.90
  12. Wndr Cinch Pack 21L

    Wndr Cinch Pack 21L
    Special Price CHF 54.50 Action

Everyday backpacks are simply practical. You can go hands free and can store everything you need conveniently on your back. In addition, Dakine lifestyle backpacks are functional and available in a variety of designs. Choose between classic sporty looks and colourful, unusual designs. Discover the perfect companion for your everyday life - the Dakine lifestyle backpack! Our high-quality Dakine backpacks combine style, functionality and durability to make carrying them an experience with a difference.

Everyday backpack for women

The Dakine everyday backpack for women has been designed with the needs of modern women in their everyday life in mind. The lifestyle backpacks keep your life organised with many compartments and pouches, so that even smaller things such as your mobile phone or keys won’t get lost. An extra fleece-lined pocket for sunglasses makes it possible to stow your glasses safely so that they won’t get scratched. The everyday backpacks are ergonomically designed specifically for women, made of lightweight, durable materials and feature padded shoulder straps, so you can comfortably carry everything you need for your day without feeling weighed down. Our everyday backpacks for women combine functionality with an appealing design. So does the versatile , which is ideal for university, office, shopping, supermarket, trips, hikes and city trips. Available in different colours and patterns, you’re sure to find a cool lifestyle backpack that matches your style and complements any outfit.

Everyday backpack for men

Dakine everyday backpacks for men stand for comfortable carrying and ergonomic fit. Of course, they also feature the comfort that you know from other Dakine backpacks: padded shoulder straps and back padding for super-relaxed, convenient and painless transport. Adjustable straps and practical pockets complete the Dakine lifestyle backpacks. Particularly popular is our VERGE BACKPACK 25 litres backpack. It is a light-weight backpack, yet durable. Made of 100% recycled, abrasion-resistant nylon, the pack centres around a main compartment that can be accessed through either the rolltop or a handy, zippered side entrance.  This lifestyle backpack offers plenty of space for your stuff without adding unnecessary weight. This way, you can conveniently carry all you need for your day, whether you spend it on the beach, are on tour with your bicycle or headed for the office.

Easily transport books, laptop, clothes or snacks, this backpack is made to support you in whatever you're up to.

Everyday backpack for children

Sports, school or holidays – the Dakine everyday backpacks are also perfect for children. Smaller-sized backpacks designed to fit children's backs and many extras specifically for children. Among other things, we have made them extra durable with reinforced seams and durable zippers which are designed for long-term use. At the same time, they offer extra ergonomic back padding adapted to the child's back and padded shoulder straps to make carrying comfortable, even during longer periods. The popular Dakine KIDS MISSION 18L children’s backpack has adjustable straps on the front to which you can attach a jacket or skateboard. Perfect if kids like to travel a lot with their board! There is also a padded laptop compartment in one of the two main compartments. The side mesh pockets for water bottles or an umbrella are also useful. Choose your favourite from the many different colours.

Which backpack size is the right one?

In principle, women can also wear men's backpacks and vice versa. Children can also wear adult backpacks. Important are the size and stature of the person and the fit of the backpack. The backpack must sit well on the back and be individually adjustable with straps so that you feel comfortable wearing it.
It also depends on what you want to use your backpack for. With lifestyle backpacks it also depends on what you want to carry. Dakine lifestyle backpacks have between 12 and 33 litres. Smaller backpacks, such as the COSMO 6.5 litres are great for a short trip to the city.

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