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Packs & Bags

Packs & Bags

Dakine backpacks, a sure bet

We offer a wide range of backpacks and bags from backpacks for surfing or skiing and snowboarding to hip packs, cross-body bags and wallets. You are sure to find the right bag or the best backpack for your needs.
The backpacks and bags are made from durable, robust materials and are super comfortable to wear, so that you can feel relaxed with them even when carrying heavy loads.

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  1. Campus M 25L Backpack

    Campus M 25L Backpack
    CHF 69.90 - CHF 74.90
  2. Urbn Mission 18L Backpack

    Urbn Mission 18L Backpack
    CHF 59.90
  3. Jacky Crossbody Bag

    Jacky Crossbody Bag
    CHF 29.90
  4. 365 Pack 21L Backpack

    365 Pack 21L Backpack
    CHF 32.45 - CHF 59.90
  5. Network 26L Backpack

    Network 26L Backpack
    CHF 99.00
  6. Mission Pro 25L Backpack

    Mission Pro 25L Backpack
    CHF 169.00
  7. Urbn Mission Pack 23L Backpack

    Urbn Mission Pack 23L Backpack
    CHF 99.90 - CHF 109.00
  8. Campus S 18L Backpack

    Campus S 18L Backpack
    CHF 59.00 - CHF 59.90
  9. Jo Jo Crossbody Bag

    Jo Jo Crossbody Bag
    CHF 32.90
  10. Replacement Bite Valve
  11. Essentials 22L Backpack

    Essentials 22L Backpack
    CHF 38.45 - CHF 69.90

    CHF 149.00 - CHF 159.00


Your Dakine backpack is the ultimate companion for sport, for work, leisure and school. It offers all the storage and organisation your need, including multiple inside pockets, a padded laptop pocket, a water bottle pocket and a lot more.


Dakine bags are made for your adventures. Whether you want to go skiing, snowboarding or just want to embark on a weekend break, whether you’re into extreme sports or just need a bag for everyday life, Dakine bags are up to it all. Find the perfect bag for your adventure.

Crossbody bags & tote bags

The Dakine crossbody and tote bags are your everyday companion and stylish in their appearance. A small Dakine crossbody bag offers the ideal combination of compact design, practical storage options and plenty of style.  These small practical bags with pockets for money, mobile phone and make-up are often used for going out. Wonderfully practical and versatile – the crossbody & tote bags by Dakine.

Hip pack

Whether you are travelling, at the beach or out for a walk – you’ll always have your gear at hand with Dakine hip bags. The Dakine range of hip packs includes models that are made for the city with pockets for mobile phone, money, ID and keys.

Bum bag, belly bag, fanny pack, waist pack or hip pack: As varied as the names of this new comeback trend are, so are its uses. Dakine offers stylish and handy hip packs with plenty of inside pockets and cool designs. The right hip pack will optimise your life. These popular companions with many compartments and storage options are often used as practical travel bags. This way you have all important travel documents always close at hand. For easy access on the go, Dakine offers the combination of minimalistic design and modern functionality.

Wallets & accessories

Wallets and other accessories are your perfect companion for on the go. Unlike other wallets, ours’ have been specifically designed for outdoor sports. High-quality, water and dirt-repellent¨ as well as durable materials are used for your Dakine wallet. Your valuables such as money, EC- and credit cards can be safely stowed away in practical compartments. With their small, light and slim design they fit perfectly in any trouser pocket.

The wallets and accessories are perfect for all who like to spend their time outdoors, yet still want to have a stylish wallet and accessories in their everyday life. The Dakine wallets and accessories have all been made from high-quality and durable materials.


Stylish lunch on the go? Fancy a picnic? No problem with a Dakine cooler. Your lunch or your snack on the go are perfectly stored this way. A practical inside mesh helps to organise the contents, and thanks to the padding your food will not only stay cool but also be optimally protected. Of course, you can stow your cooler in your Dakine backpack. Enjoy your meal!

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