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Packs & Bags

Our range of solid and durable backpacks and bags. Our lifestyle packs are versatile and resistant, great either for school or work or even daily escapes.


Winter sports enthusiasts will have much choice between the backpack that will carry their skis or snowboard, hold an airbag for extra safety while swell addicts can select the waterproof bag to go back from intense surf sessions.

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  1. Campus L 33L Backpack

    Campus L 33L Backpack
    CHF37.95 - CHF89.90
  2. Campus M 25L Backpack

    Campus M 25L Backpack
    CHF32.45 - CHF79.90
  3. Campus S 18L Backpack

    Campus S 18L Backpack
    CHF26.95 - CHF59.90
  4. Heli Pro 20L Backpack

    Heli Pro 20L Backpack
  5. Urbn Mission Pack 23L Backpack

    Urbn Mission Pack 23L Backpack
    CHF99.90 - CHF119.00
  6. Infinity Toploader 27L Backpack

    Infinity Toploader 27L Backpack
    CHF65.45 - CHF109.00
  7. Essentials 26L Backpack

    Essentials 26L Backpack
    CHF48.95 - CHF89.90
  8. Essentials 22L Backpack

    Essentials 22L Backpack
    CHF37.95 - CHF69.90
  9. 365 Pack 21L Backpack

    365 Pack 21L Backpack
    CHF32.45 - CHF69.90
  10. Wndr 18L Backpack

    Wndr 18L Backpack
    CHF32.45 - CHF59.90
  11. Infinity Pack 21L Backpack

    Infinity Pack 21L Backpack
    CHF129.00 - CHF139.00
  12. Urbn Mission 22L Backpack

    Urbn Mission 22L Backpack
    CHF37.95 - CHF69.90

Items 1-12 of 178

Set Descending Direction


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