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Enjoy the recipes our athletes love to make

Johanne Defay

France - Surf - 27

TRUST YOUR MEAL #5: Vietnamese Bo Bun by Johanne Defay

"I eat this dish in any circumstance! It has everything you need in it to get starch, protein, fat and vitamins. I vary the vegetables depending on what I have but this recipe is the closest to the Vietnamese Bo Bun in a faster and lighter way (without the egg rolls and noodles that are bathed in sauce)."

Here is the ingredient list:
~ rice noodles
~ chicken cut into pieces
~ mint
~ peanuts
~ carrots
~ cucumber
~ teriyaki and soy sauce
~ olive and sesame oil
~ salt and pepper

Here is her favorite recipe:
~ Marinate the chicken in sesame oil and teriyaki sauce for a few hours beforehand.
~ Cook the noodles. Once cooked, rinse them in cold water so that they do not stick.
~ Rasp the carrots and cut the cucumbers into pieces.
~ Crush the peanuts and chop the mint.
~ Sauté the chicken with a little more olive or sesame oil for the pan. Add some peanuts at the end of the cooking time.
~ Arrange the dish in bowls, finishing with peanuts and mint.
~ You can add a little soy or teriyaki sauce to make the noodles a little wet and salt/pepper for seasoning!

#Trusted #HealthyFood

Vicente Romero

Spain - Surf - 29

TRUST YOUR MEAL #4 : The power Mixed Fruit Juice by Vicente Romero

A Good way to start the day with vitamins and energy!

Here is his favorite recipe:

- Coleslaw
- Carrot
- Ginger
- Apple

Zuzanna Witych

Poland - Freeski - 28

TRUST YOUR MEAL #3 : The Homemade Energy Bars by Zuzanna Witych

A while ago I decided to make energy bars at home myself for the first time, my inspiration came from my friend who always has homemade bars with her when we go skiing together. It's a super snack, it fits everywhere, it's delicious, it gives you loads of energy and it's very healthy. There are so many recipe options, you can add different fruits, nuts, etc.

Here is her favorite recipe for 16 bars:

350 g dates
400 ml water
2 teaspoons cinnamon
75 g goji berries
75 g pumpkin seeds
150 g brown linseed
50 g cocoa
25 g chia seeds
25 g corn flakes
100 g oat flakes

Place a 23 - 24 cm square cake tin on baking paper. Finely chop the dates. Place in a pot, add cinnamon and cover in water. Boil for about 8 - 10 minutes until they are cooked and you get a date pulp. Put the finished date puree into a larger bowl and add the remaining ingredients, mix well. Press into the bottom of the tin. Bake at 175ºC for 25 - 30 minutes. 

Leon Glatzer

Germany - Surf - 24

TRUST YOUR MEAL #2 The mixed plate by Leon Glatzer

“ Love having a really full and healthy food with lots of nutrients after my surf because I feel ready for the next session and my body really appreciates being healthy. “

Here is his favorite recipe:

- Couscous

- Tuna, olive, onion Salad

- Red pepper with basmati rice and corn with beans

- Mashed beetroot puree

- Lettuce with Cesar dressing

- Nuts on top, at the end

#Trusted #HealthyFood

Victor Daviet

France - Snowboard - 31

TRUST YOUR MEAL #1 The Mexican Fajitas by @Victordaviet

" After a full day of activities, I love to cook mexican fajitas for my friends and I!
First of all it's healthy with great veges and fuelling! And then it tastes so good! Mexican food is one of my favorite food on the planet and i could eat this everyday. My fajitas are now famous on snowboard trips! And last but not least, during winter the spices warm you up! Lovin it! "

Here is his favorite recipe :

- Tortillas
- Red & green peppers
- Onions
- Beans
- Cheese
- Smoked tofu
- Avocado
- Chilies
- & a lot of spices

#Trusted #HealthyFood

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