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Wind, Wings & Kite

Windsurfing & kitesurfing gear & accessories

Since 1979, Dakine has stood for top quality and exceptional functionality. With its roots in surfing in Hawaii, we are constantly developing our kitesurf and windsurf accessories. Best materials and the exchange of experience with the best surfers and kitesurfers, make our windsurf and kitesurf accessories exceptional. Here you will find top-quality windsurf and kite accessories that are exactly adapted to your requirements. For windsurfing and kitesurfing, you need more than just a kite and a kiteboard.
In our windsurf, kitesurf & wingsurf online shop, you will find kitesurf accessories such as harnesses, kite leashes, charger kits, fixed lines, club wagons, cyclone wings, finger gloves, foot straps, charger masts and plates, Kitesurf board bags, spreader bars and a lot more.

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Kitesurf harnesses

In general, the kite harness is very similar to windsurf harnesses. In kiteboarding, the harness is used to attach the kite, which can often exert an enormous pulling force on the surfer, especially in strong winds. Therefore, the harness plays an even more significant role in the surfer's performance and safety than it does in windsurfing. For this reason, we advise both beginners and professionals to buy a harness specifically designed for kitesurfing.

Windsurf harnesses

Without a windsurf harness, windsurfing is very strenuous. Without a harness, all the power has to come from your arms. Therefore, the windsurf harness is one of the most important pieces of equipment if you want to dedicate yourself to windsurfing. With a harness, you can achieve even more control and stability when windsurfing. Our Dakine harnesses are adjustable so that they can be effortlessly adapted to every windsurfer and every body size. They are robust and durable even if the harnesses are changed frequently and used often. With our Dakine harnesses you can feel safe while windsurfing and fully concentrate on surfing.

Kiteboard accessories

Kiteboard accessories are important for kiteboarding and offer you the possibility to optimally adjust your kitesurfing style to your needs and requirements. Whether you are a beginner or an advanced kitesurfer, kiteboarding accessories are a must if you want to take your kitesurfing experience to the next level. Our wide range of kiteboard accessories includes everything you need for a safe and fun kitesurfing experience. In the “Kiteboard accessories” section you will find Dakine kiteboard gear as well as foot straps, hook knifes, kite leashes and the Dakine Cobra Size Cover Bag.

Windsurf accessories

Dakine offers you everything you need to make your next windsurfing trip a successful one. From classic mono lines to adjustable lines and fixed lines, you will find the right accessories at Dakine windsurf. You'll also find footstraps, uphauls, windsurf harnesses, base pads and much more.

Kiteboard bags, board bags and dry packs

With our Dakine board bags and packs your kite and accessories are protected from damage both during air travel and in everyday life. The kiteboard bag protects your equipment from scratches, bumps and other damage that can occur during transport or storage. For travelling, Dakine offers specific extra-strong kite travel bags with special padding.

There are different types of kite gear bags for different types of equipment, such as kiteboard bags, kit-bar-bags, kite-leash-bags and kite-pump-bags. The Dakine Club Wagon bag is organised in a way so that your entire kite gear can be stored.
Do you need an additional backpack? A large selection of Dakine backpacks can be found here.

Kitesurf safety leashes

Dakine surf leashes are extremely well known and popular in the surf scene. Through years of experience, the surf leashes have been continuously improved and developed. Today, kitesurf safety leashes have become well established and should be standard equipment found with every kitesurfer, whether beginner, advanced kitesurfer or pro. In emergencies, safety lashes are lifesavers. Please familiarise yourself with their use beforehand.

Kite bindings and straps

A kite binding simply has to fit and offer good support. To ensure that the kiteboard feels good on your feet during every session, Dakine kite bindings and straps are well padded. The straps retain their shape even in wet environments, so you can always get your feet in comfortably, and the Velcro overlap adjustment means they fit almost any foot size.

Wingfoil accessories

The brand of Dakine is rooted in water sports. That's why we have also put our many years of experience and our high-quality products to use in the area of wing foil accessories.  In our Dakine online shop you will find everything you need to glide weightlessly over the water. We offer wings, foils, boards and plenty of accessories.


Dakine wetsuits are a must for every water sports enthusiast. They convince with their quality and functionality. Made from high-quality neoprene material, the Dakine wetsuits offer excellent thermal insulation and optimal body temperature regulation. Thanks to the pre-shaped cut and anatomically shaped sleeves, a comfortable fit and maximum freedom of movement for women, men and children is guaranteed. A waterproof zip, velcro closure and cuff provide maximum protection. Also discover neoprene shoes, gloves, jackets and headwear.

Wing accessories

Wing foil accessories by Dakine contribute to the safety of the fast growing and popular sport of wing foiling. To enjoy wing foiling it is important that you can rely on your equipment. The most important wing foil accessories that protect you from injuries in case of a fall or collision can be found here at Dakine’s.

Find the perfect wing harness, your wing board and your foil wings in the Dakine online shop.

Wing surf harness

With a Dakine wing surf harness, you can noticeably relieve your arms by putting your body weight against the pull of the wing. If you already have a harness for wind surfing, you can of course also use it. Unlike wind surfing, however, the wing surf harness has a foldable and movable Dakine hanger hook to prevent dents on the board and allow you to lie flat on your stomach on your board.

A selection of wing surf harnesses can be found here.

Wings, foils & boards

First of all, it's important to find a wing foil board that suits your individual needs. There are boards in different sizes and materials, all specifically designed for wing foiling.
Wing foiling boards by Dakine have been designed to use the properties of the wind and sail quickly, efficiently and easily. These boards are usually longer and narrower than traditional surfboards, but shorter then windsurfing boards. The Dakine wing foiling boards are lightweight and durable, making it easy to transport, glide across the water and set up in no time.

If you are a wing foiling beginner, it is advisable to choose a board with a volume that is approx. 40 litres above your own weight: for a body weight of 70kg, that is: 70kg body weight + 40 litres = 110 litres board volume.
If you are an experienced wing foiler or water sports athlete, you can also start with less board volume.

Wing surf wings

Wings help you fly. Your wing is the decisive feature for flying over the water. The Dakine Cyclone Wing is incredible versatile and can handle any conditions you can throw at it. This wing has a stable drift when on the wave or going downwind.

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