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Wetsuits - DK22W1MJ10
A lightwight surf jacket for extended warm water sessions.
The Mission 1mm surf jacket adds the warmth you need to stay in the water longer. The 1mm neoprene and jersey design maintains full flexibility and the easy-moving freedom to paddle naturally. Welded construction and seamless paddle zones offer rash-free comfort. An adjustable waist and boardshort connector help keep it from riding up, while recycled-content neoprene shares a commitment to a reduced footprint.
  • 100% Neoprene
  • SIZING: 2, T2, 4, T4, 6, T6, 8, 10, 12
  • 1mm neoprene, most flexible combination of neoprene foam and jersey available
  • Carbon Black® neoprene foam uses recycled rubber from discarded car tires
  • AquaA® solvent free lamination used to adhere jersey to neoprene rubber foam
  • Flatlock stitch
  • Stay Put Waist system utilizes a glideskin facing in conjunction with an adjustable waist keeps the jacket from riding up
  • Boardshort connector
  • Seamless paddle zones to reduce rashing
  • Ergonomic paneling enhances comfort and flexibility
  • Freshwater Rinse After Every Session
  • Dry Your Wetsuit in the Shade
  • Hang Up Your Wetsuit Correctly
  • Do Use an Occasional Wetsuit Shampoo
  • Take Care When Taking off Your Wetsuit
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