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Hot Laps

Hot Laps

Hot Laps: the freedom to ride without a backpack

Attention all mountain bikers, Dakine has designed a waist pack for riding enduro trails all day long. With its practical size, Dakine Hot Laps waist packs offer all the benefits of a regular backpack without all the drawbacks, allowing you to ride light but fully equipped.

The pack has enough storage capacity to carry a lightweight jacket, water, snacks, and a multi-purpose tool with ease, yet won’t overload your back. Experience total freedom of movement and stay cool from start to finish on any ride.

Our Hot Laps waist pack lets you to ride without having to wear a backpack, key for long outings on your mountain bike.n.

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  1. HOT LAPS 5L

    CHF 99.90 - CHF 112.00
  2. HOT LAPS 2L

    CHF 59.90
  3. HOT LAPS 1L

    CHF 49.90
  4. Hot Laps 5L Bike Waist Bag

    Hot Laps 5L Bike Waist Bag
    Special Price CHF 43.45 Action

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