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Dakine sportswear - lifestyle & snow wear

Sportswear should look stylish, but also be of high quality. Modern functional materials help you avoid sweating and allow you to concentrate fully on your outdoor sport. Master the extremes - Dakine snow wear-sportswear offers you special protection from the cold. They are designed for use in particularly cold temperatures and offer a reliable layer of warmth. Find cool, stylish outfits at Dakine sportswear that you can customise and personalise to suit your needs.
Jackets, hoodies, ski and snowboard trousers, gloves, caps, hats and many more Dakine accessories. Choose the designs, colours and prints that suit your style. This way you can express your passion for sports and underline your lifestyle with Dakine sportswear.
Our sportswear is comfortable and of high quality.

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Our range of jackets, hoodies, pants and accessories. Our clothes are comfortable and high-end quality, while our large choice of accessories includes useful items such as wallets, accessory cases and nice designs of beanies and head caps.

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    Youth Storm Liner Glove - Kids'
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    Scrambler Mitt - Kids'
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    Kelsey Pom Beanie - Women's
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Sports clothing contributes to better temperature regulation during your outdoor sports. Heat and moisture are generated during sports and must be transported from your body. Sportswear helps regulate this process, through Gore-Tex and Sympatex, by ensuring that the sweat on the skin evaporates quickly so that it does not build up under the clothing and cause heat build-up. Our winter sports clothing also protects from cold and adverse weather conditions.

Winter jackets and winter trousers

Dakine winter jackets and winter trousers are made of high-quality, robust, water-repellent Gore-Tex and/or Sympatex membranes, so they are breathable and offer perfect insulation. When sweating, the moisture can be transported to the outside, but the cold and moisture from outside does not penetrate the jacket. Dakine winter sports clothing is also comfortable and flexible. So nothing stands in the way of your ascent, the construction of a kicker and a fantastic descent in deep snow. All ski and snowboard jackets have a water column of at least 10,000mm. Primaloft, down or merino also protect against the cold.

Hats, caps

What’s a summer without a trucker cap, surf hat, straw hat, palm tree caps, sea caps or beach caps? A perfect fit day after day and well protected from the sun. Our trucker caps, surf hats and straw hats offer you a stylish outfit and keep your scalp cool. Thanks to our large selection of different motifs, colours and designs, you're guaranteed to find the right one for you. Whether you're at the beach bar, at a festival or just for everyday wear. Our headwear is a stylish addition to your outfit.
In the winter too, you should wear something on your head. Among the most important items of clothing for winter sports are a water-repellent jacket, warm trousers, a pair of gloves and a hat or beanie. Here too, Dakine offers a wide range of beanies with and without pompons, for women, men and children.

T-shirts & long sleeves

We all have them in our wardrobe, the T-shirts and long sleeve shirts. Your daily companion for leisure and sports. With a cool print on the shirt, you can turn your outfit into a real eye-catcher. Dakine T-shirts and shirts are available in many different colours and designs. With a unique design, you can make your T-shirt something really special. Whether a unique motif, a cool logo or an intricate photo design, Dakine offers a wide selection. T-shirts are an absolute must-have in every wardrobe and very versatile. They make a real statement and turn your outfit into something very special. With a customised T-shirt, you can underline your personality and make a unique statement.

Hoodies and jumpers

The sun comes out, it's too warm for your winter jacket, but still you need a hoodie or pullover. Or clouds are gathering while you’re at the beach and you need to put something on. Then a hoodie or sweater are also perfect.

But what’s the difference between a hoodie and a pullover or sweater?

pullover or a sweatshirt both have no hood. A hoodie on the other hand does. While hoodless jumpers are often made of cotton, wool or blended fabrics, hoodies are mostly made of cotton. Both are garments that are versatile, very comfortable and casual. Find your Dakine hoodie and jumper style.

Boardshorts, surf shorts, swim shorts

Dakine boardshorts come from the professional surf sport. Optimally adapted to the needs of surfing, the men's swim shorts are THE garment for surfers and water sports enthusiasts. The boardshorts are made of stretchy material that adapts to the body and allows for pleasant freedom of movement. Thanks to the breathable material and the good fit, uncomfortable sweating and itching are prevented. In addition, the boardshorts are water-repellent so that they do not allow excessive water penetration when surfing and kitesurfing. It's also hard to imagine everyday life without these surf shorts. Similar to shorts, boardshorts can be worn as a fashionable leisure look.

Dakine boardshorts are made of a quick-drying and durable material and are available in numerous different designs and patterns. Your companion at the beach, in the swimming pool, during sports and in your leisure time.

Shorts and pants

Shorts are the garment of choice when it's warm. Dakine offers sporty shorts and long pants for surfing and biking. Made from durable material, they offer you the quality you have come to expect from Dakine. The great fit and comfort of the Dakine shorts and trousers support your natural range of motion.

Wallets and accessories

The Dakine wallets are ideal for on the go. In the practical pockets and compartments you can store all your daily necessities and still have enough space for money and credit cards. Dakine wallets are very light and comfortable to carry, have Velcro and zip closures and are available in different sizes and colours. They are made of robust material that ensures a long durability.
Dakine wallets are a great choice for anyone looking for a practical and stylish way to carry their money on the go. Find more practical Dakine accessories here.

Gloves and mittens

Dakine gloves and mittens for women, men and kids are your ideal companions when it comes to riding fresh powder lines or keeping your hands warm while surfing. Dakine gloves and mittens are equipped with a waterproof fabric and offer breathable insulation. Thanks to the soft fleece inside and the robust outside made from high-quality, waterproof and durable materials, your Dakine gloves are particularly durable. The robust Rubbertec palm improves grip on bike handlebars or ski poles. Waterproof on the outside and dry on the inside. No sweaty hands as the Dakine glove allows moisture to escape while preventing it from entering.
Thanks to the touchscreen compatibility, you can edit texts with warm fingers. The gloves and mittens by Dakine are particularly comfortable to wear and reliably protect against cold, wet and wind. The thumb areas and fingertips are reinforced so that the gloves have a long life even during demanding outdoor activities. And the design? An absolute eye-candy. The modern and cool colours make the gloves and mittens a real eye-catcher. Would you rather have a classic glove? You'll find them in our online shop too.


Dakine bike clothing is specially designed for cyclists. Find your bike pants, bike top and bike gloves as well as many practical bike accessories from Dakine. Dakine's bikewear is made of polyester, nylon, lycra and elastane and is particularly breathable and water-repellent. Our popular THRILLIUM SHORT is an absolute must-have. Whether bike park or shuttle day these shorts fit perfectly.

Bike gloves

Dakine Bike Gloves are a must-have for any rider. The Dakine MTB gloves are designed specifically for bikers who love it all - from long backcountry climbs and the descents that follow, to lunch break runs at the bike park or on the local trail network. Bike gloves offer protection and comfort, protect hands from sharp edges, sharp stones and other hazards. They help to minimise the risk of a fall and, thanks to padding on the inner surfaces of the gloves, also protect against painful blisters and abrasions on the hands.
Dakine bike gloves are available in different materials to meet the needs of every rider. It is important that you choose your bike gloves in the right size and with the right materials.

Lycras and surf wear

Especially for surfing, you will find Dakine Lycras and rash guards with UV protection and quick-drying tops. Ideal garments for extended sessions in and on the water.

Hats and caps

A casual cap, beanie or hat from Dakine is always a good choice. They not only look cool, but are an absolute must-have. In winter, the Dakine coarse-knit or fine-knit hats protect the head from wind and weather. Your favourites are the unisex beanie, the knitted hat and the beanie, which have proved particularly useful for sporting activities. Dakine hats include the snapback cap, the trucker cap and the bucket hat. These can be worn both in summer and winter, and not only protect your head from too much sun but are also a real eye-catcher. You can also find practical balaclavas and neck tubes in our online shop.

Wetsuits: jackets, booties, gloves

Wetsuits, neoprene jackets, shoes and gloves are some of the best companions for your water sports. They are waterproof, keep you warm and protect you from injury. Dakine wetsuits are very comfortable and make it easier to move around in the water. Neoprene jackets offer extra protection from the cold and wind. Neoprene booties protect your feet from sharp objects and make it easier to stand on slippery surfaces. Neoprene gloves protect your hands from injury, keep them warm and help you always have a secure grip while surfing

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