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All the gear you need to surf this summer

Born on the north shore of Maui, Hawaii, Dakine began as a surf brand. The island heritage instilled by Rob Kaplan is still an integral part of the brand’s DNA, and every season we search for ways to improve surfing by designing products developed in partnership with some of the best surfers in the world.

Leashes: the Kaimana revolution

Launched in 2020, Kaimana leashes have revolutionized surfing by offering for the very first time genuine comfort and total freedom of movement.

We rethought the entire package, starting with a much thinner yet extremely reliable rail saver with a knotless loop of tech cord and a protection sleeve.

The Dura Cord features dimples, like a golf ball, to reduce water resistance and increase hydrodynamic performance by 10% to 20%.

We also refined and improved the ankle strap, using a silicone grip for a perfect fit - you will no doubt forget that you are even wearing one.

Dakine leash
JJF surf wave

Friendly Foam: biodegradable traction pads

The traction pads on all of our surfboards and longboards use Friendly Foam, a biodegradable foam developed in partnership with EcoLogic®. The EVA pads contain EcoOne® additives to speed up the biodegrading process. Friendly Foam will only start breaking down in an active biological environment where it transforms into biomass and biogas that can be used as renewable energy. In 2020, we started making all Dakine traction pad packaging with cardboard, which is 100% recyclable and does not contain any plastic.

Our athletes have already tested and approved the new Friendly Foam traction pads, which they started using on a daily basis in 2019.

Surfboard bags

Whether heading to your local spot or on a surf trip to the other side of the world, Dakine has designed the right surfboard bag for you.

Made with lightweight, durable materials, Dakine surfboard bags feature a variety of reinforcements and cushioning foams to protect your surfboard wherever you choose to travel. Bring one, two, three, or even four surfboards to have what you need at hand whatever the conditions. We design all of our surfboard bags to make your life as easy as possible, and include such practical features as a pouch for your wax and fins, a hidden spray-proof pocket, a heat-reflective coating, as well as a TPU vent to ensure optimal conditions when you stow your board.

Surf backpacks

Since you need a pack to carry your belongings before and after a surf session, we developed a full range of backpacks just for surfers.

Our Cyclone line offers fully-waterproof and watertight packs that keep your belongings dry whatever the situation. Conversely, you can carry all of your wet gear after a session without your pack dripping water or getting sand and salt everywhere.

Our Mission Surf line also includes packs with a dedicated pouch for your surf gear to avoid mixing your drenched wetsuit or Lycra with your dry clothes after a surf session. It also has pockets to stow spare fins, wax, or anything else you may need for a day of surfing.

Dakine boardbag
Dakine mission 30L
Dakine cyclone

The John John Florence Collection: pads, leashes, surfboard bags

Developed with and for John John, the brand new JJF collection is available in new colors.

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