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Surf style by Dakine – the best surfwear and accessories

Dakine Europe online shop for surfers with the best accessories for your hobby. Find quality Dakine surfwear and surf accessories, whether you're a beginner or an experienced surfer.
We offer a wide range of high quality and affordable products to improve your surfing experience. Our range includes everything from surf clothing and boardshorts to equipment such as surf leashes, surf pads and wetsuits to surf shoes, surfboard travel bags and surf backpacks. You will find everything you need to enjoy your surfing experience in the Dakine Europe online shop.

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  1. Kaimana Team 7' x 1/4" Surf Leash

    Kaimana Team 7' x 1/4" Surf Leash
    CHF 35.95 - CHF 54.90
  2. Kaimana Team 6' X 1/4" Surf Leash

    Kaimana Team 6' X 1/4" Surf Leash
    CHF 35.95 - CHF 54.90
  3. Kaimana Pro Comp 6' x 3/16" Surf Leash

    Kaimana Pro Comp 6' x 3/16" Surf Leash
    CHF 32.95 - CHF 49.90


Rob Kaplan’s passion for building stuff, lead to the foundation of Dakine at Maui’s North Shore in 1979. His fellow surfers began turning to him with their gear problems – most often busted surf leashes. After repairing several leashes, he set out to make a new leash with bombproof materials and stitching. This new leash was the start of Dakine surf. Since then, we at Dakine have gained a lot of experience in the field of surf equipment and surfwear and have constantly developed it further in cooperation with professional surfers. We only use high-quality materials and focus on future-oriented technologies and innovative designs. At Dakine Europe you get the best equipment for a unique surfing or wave experience.


When you go surfing, it is important that your get into the water in appropriate clothing. In cold temperatures, neoprene suits are essential surfwear. Dakine offers wetsuits with long arms and long legs, as well as short arms and short legs. They protect you from the cold and injuries. If water and air temperatures are warmer, a neoprene jacket, T-shirt and boardshorts that are comfortable and breathable will do.

Discover our wide range of surfwear for men and women. Whether it's a pair of board shorts, a t-shirt or a jumper, we have everything you need for a stylish surf outfit. With our wide range of colours and designs, you can be sure to dress in style and comfort at the same time. We also have a range of surf accessories such as surf hats, caps, socks and more.

Surf leashes

A surf leash is an important safety component when surfing as it connects you to your surfboard and prevents you from getting separated from your board. Usually attached to the surfer's ankle and to the back of a surfboard, it prevents you from being separated from your board, even in strong swells. Dakine has built its reputation for surfboard leashes and focuses on durability, performance and comfort with the Dakine surf leashes. There are different types of leashes to suit different wave conditions and surf sports.

Surf pads

A Dakine surf pad is the perfect addition to your surfboard. Developed by surfing icons, the Dakine surf pads provide more grip and traction for an even better surfing experience. The surf pad, also called foot pad, deck pad, traction pad, tail pad or simply pad, is made of high-quality materials and offers optimal protection against abrasion.

Its use is easy as pie as it can be attached to your surfboard in a second. Dakine Europe offers you the best surf pad on the market – try it yourself!

Surfboard travel bags

Discover the new range of surfboard travel bags from Dakine Europe. Our special and durable surfboard travel bags offer the ultimate protection for your surfboard while you set off on your next adventure. Made of high-quality material, these are water-repellent, robust and ensure safe storage of your board. Thanks to the many practical compartments and carrying handles, you can comfortably transport your board without damaging it. An ideal companion if you are travelling by plane. Thanks to compression straps and foam padding, your surfboards are optimally protected, e,g. in the TOUR REGULATOR SURFBOARD BAG.

Our surf travel bags are ideal for all surfers, whether beginner or pro - experience carefree surf adventures with Dakine Europe!

Surf backpacks

Our Dakine Europe surf backpacks are the perfect choice for surfers looking for a practical yet stylish design. Our backpacks make transporting your surfing gear a breeze. Thanks to the spacious compartments you can comfortably store everything you need - from sunscreen to towels to your surfboard. Dry clothes can be easily kept separate from wet clothes.
Welded seams and waterproof zippers ensure your stuff will stay dry. An integrated board carry system frees up your hands, and exterior pockets add organization and quick-access utility. Padded and individually adjustable shoulder straps ensure maximum comfort and there is an extra compartment for sunglasses and mobile and another one for wax and fins.

Find your perfect surf backpack! Be stylish on the road and turn every day into a surf trip!

Surf huts

Breaking waves and bright sunshine. It can't get any better than that. Dakine's surf hats are the perfect choice for surfers looking for the ultimate protection from the sun. The hats are made of water and sweat repellent material for optimal support and protection. The adjustable band ensures the perfect fit, while the specially designed brim protects the head from the sun. Dakine surf hats and caps are quick drying and buoyant. The Dakine surf hat range is now also available in our online store.

Rack accessories

The surf rack accessories from Dakine Europe help to transport your surfboard safely. Extra compression straps as well as cushioned roof rack pads protect both your surfboard and your car or rental car from scratches and dents.
Our robust and durable material provides reliable and safe protection. In addition, we have developed a number of options that make transporting your surfboard(s) even easier.


Your companion for the beach, the pool, sports and leisure. The Dakine boardshorts offer everything you expect from a perfect swim short. Stretchy material that adapts to the body and allows a comfortable freedom of movement, breathable as well as water-repellent, the properties that make the boardshorts an ideal companion. In addition, the quick-drying and durable material is available in many designs and patterns, making Dakine surf shorts a popular fashionable casual look. Surfing, kitesurfing or swimming – the Dakine boardshorts are a must-have for every water sports and leisure enthusiast.

Surf lycras

Our surf lycras or rushguards for men and women are a comfortable and stylish option for your day at the beach. These tight-fitting, thin T-shirts with UV protection are breathable and quick drying. With long or short sleeves for men and women, Dakine surf lycras offer full freedom of movement and optimal protection from skin irritation caused by salt water, wax or sun. Surf lycras are therefore a must-have for every water sports enthusiast. With different colour options, you're sure to find something that suits your style!

Surf shoes

Dakine flip flops, sandals or bathing shoes are convenient and stylish shoes that can be universally used. Always a good choice for any opportunity. They are perfect for the beach, the pool, for a walk or everyday use. Featuring a special rubber sole, Dakine flip flops offer  high-quality comfort. They are lightweight, comfortable and flexible, so you can wear them all day without your feet getting tired. Dakine flip flops are available in different colours, patterns and sizes. You are sure to find a pair to your liking! Put them on and feel good. Enjoy your summer with flip flops by Dakine.

Neoprene suits

Dakine neoprene suits are a must for water sports enthusiasts. These suits are not only stylish, but also functional. With the Men's Mission chest zip hooded 4/3mm, Dakine sets a new benchmark in wetsuits in relation to performance, warmth, fit and durability. All Dakine wetsuits are made of high-quality neoprene to provide optimal thermal insulation and regulate body temperature while swimming, surfing or other water sports. In addition, the wetsuits feature a pre-shaped cut and anatomically shaped sleeves to ensure a comfortable fit for men, women and children and optimal freedom of movement. In addition, they are equipped with a waterproof zipper, a Velcro closure and a cuff to ensure excellent waterproofing.
In our online shop you will also find neoprene shoes, gloves and hats.

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