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Surf Leashes - D.100.5154.900.OS
Peahi 12' X 7/16" Surf Leash w/ Clip
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Dakine Peahi 12' X 7/16" Surf Leash w/ Clip
Dakine continues its long tradition of designing surf leashes that can withstand the waves of the North Shore of Maui with the Pe'Ahi leash. This thick 7/16-inch (11mm) Dura-cord surf leash was until recently only available to elite team riders like Albee Layer. The Pe'Ahi (aka Jaws) leash is built for those looking to take on the 24-foot and beyond triple overhead waves where lives are literally on the line. This big wave leash measures 12-feet long, with 100-percent marine grade stainless steel swivels, a 2-inch (5mm) triple wrap ankle cuff and the Dakine Easy Clip release pin for maximum safety. The Pe'Ahi is built for battling the most gigantic triple overhead waves and is now available for purchase.
60% TPU, 15% Polyproplylene, 10% Neoprene, 10% Nylon, 5% Stainless
12' x 7/16" [ 3.66m x 11mm ]
  • Triple overhead and beyond intended use
  • Worlds first and only 7/16" (11mm) highest quality urethane Dura-Cord for maximum strength
  • 2" (50mm) triple wrap ankle cuff with Easy Clip
  • Opti-Flex leash ends for maximum durability
  • 100% marine grade stainless steel swivels
  • 1.5" (40MM) railsaver with two leash strings for double plugs
  • Easy Clip included for maximum safety
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