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Apparel & Accessories

Our range of jackets, hoodies, pants and accessories. Our clothes are comfortable and high-end quality, while our large choice of accessories includes useful items such as wallets, accessory cases and nice designs of beanies and head caps.

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  1. Excursion GORE-TEX Mitt

    Excursion GORE-TEX Mitt
    CHF 149.00
  2. Kodiak GORE-TEX Glove

    Kodiak GORE-TEX Glove
    CHF 159.00
  3. Excursion GORE-TEX Glove

    Excursion GORE-TEX Glove
    CHF 139.00
  4. Baron GORE-TEX Trigger Mitt

    Baron GORE-TEX Trigger Mitt
    CHF 129.00
  5. Excursion GORE-TEX Short Glove

    Excursion GORE-TEX Short Glove
    CHF 139.00
  6. Rover GORE-TEX Mitt - Kids'

    Rover GORE-TEX Mitt - Kids'
    CHF 89.90
  7. Excursion GORE-TEX Short Glove - Women's

    Excursion GORE-TEX Short Glove - Women's
    CHF 139.00
  8. Baron GORE-TEX Mitt

    Baron GORE-TEX Mitt
    CHF 129.00
  9. Rover GORE-TEX Glove - Kids'

    Rover GORE-TEX Glove - Kids'
    CHF 89.90
  10. Excursion GORE-TEX Glove - Women's

    Excursion GORE-TEX Glove - Women's
    CHF 139.00

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